What is MyPolice?

MyPolice is a directory of personal injury solicitors in London. These law firms are either solely based in London, or have multiple branches around the UK or the world including one or more in the London area. If you live in London and have had an accident in the workplace, or in a supermarket or other company-owned building due to corporate negligence, come to this site first for a wide range of reputable lawyers that can help you, often on a no-win-no-fee basis.


Featured personal injury solicitors

  • Archstone Solicitors: 020 8534 8008 – Contact Archstone Solicitors on their East London Contact Number for information about the process of making a personal injury compensation claim.
  • Bott & Co: 020 7484 5367 – Phone Bott & Co Solicitors on the their London office contact number for advice about making a claim following an accident that wasn’t your fault.
  • Curzon Green: 0333 772 0409 – Contact a representative from Curzon Green by calling the London firm’s main telephone number to arrange the initial assessment for a claim regarding a workplace accident that wasn’t your fault.
  • Duncan Lewis: 033 3772 0409 – Call Duncan Lewis on their general enquires phone number if you would like to make a claim for damages following an accident in a London workplace.
  • Fieldfisher Solicitors: 0800 358 3848 – Call Fieldfisher solicitors on their freephone general enquiries number to make a legal claim following an injury that wasn’t your fault.
  • Freeman Harris Solicitors: 020 7790 7311 – Phone Freeman Harris Solicitors on their London contact number to discuss how to receive compensation following a case of workplace discrimination.
  • George Ide LLP: 020 3841 9891 – George Ide LLP is a London law firm, but has sister branches in Chichester, you can place a phone call for information about a personal injury claim.
  • Goodge Law: 0207 636 9222 – Contact Goodge Law on their UK phone number to file a compensation claim for a personal injury which you suffered due to negligence, including workplace injuries and road traffic accidents.
  • Healys: 0800 280 0432 – Get in touch with Healys legal on their freephone claims contact number to arrange a free consultation regarding your personal injury case over the phone.
  • Leigh Day: 020 7650 1200 – You can phone Leigh Day solicitors on their general enquiries number to discuss a personal injury claim or a prospective Training Contract at the firm.
  • Oracle Solicitors: 020 3051 5060 – A personal injury solicitor will be able to provide assistance regarding the likelihood of claim during a free initial consultation , you can contact the firm on the telephone number of London office.
  • Osbornes Law: 020 7485 8811 – Phone Osbornes Law on the contact number of their London firm to arrange an initial consultation when making a no win no fee compensation claim following a workplace injury.
  • Pennington Manches London: 020 7457 3000 – The London branch of Penningtons Manches LLP is ideal for anyone living in the capital and would like legal representation for their personal injury claim.
  • Rollingsons Solicitors: 020 7611 4848 – Phone Rollingsons Solicitors London contact number to enquire about the process of making a claim following a workplace accident or for legal aid regarding an employment dispute.
  • Romain Coleman Solicitors: 0800 056 0346 – Contact Romain Coleman Solicitors on their London telephone number for free to file a new personal injury claim following a catastrophic workplace accident.
  • Russell-Cooke Solicitors: 0203 826 7550 – Phone Russell-Cooke Solicitors on their UK phone number for no win no fee claims on a personal injury you suffered due to a car accident, workplace negligence or defective paving.
  • Saracens Solicitors: 020 3588 3500 – Contact a Saracens personal injury solicitor by calling the London firm on their local rate telephone number to discuss your claim, or to check the availability of a Training Contract.
  • Slater Gordon Lawyers: 0800 112 4796 – Call personal injury lawyers at Slater Gordon by calling their freephone number to make a new claim following a workplace incident and to get details about their no win no fee payment arrangements.
  • Stewarts Law: 0207 822 8000 – Contact Stewarts Law on their London office phone number to file a compensation claim after a serious accident which has led to a severe personal injury such as spinal damage or brain trauma.