Goodge Law: 0207 636 9222

Contact Goodge Law by dialling their London telephone number 0207 636 9222 for a consultation with a personal injury lawyer and to claim compensation following an accident which has affected your health.


Goodge Law profile

Goodge Law is a small legal firm based in West London which specialises in getting compensation for victimes of personal injuries. This includes clinical negligence when staying at a UK hospital, workplace accidents caused by poor safety practices and road traffic accidents. Furthermore they are not afraid with tackling cases against huge multinational insurance companies if they believe that you have been underpaid following a claim on a personal injury.


Goodge Law contact number – 0207 636 9222

Phone Goodge Law solicitors by calling their UK contact number 0207 636 9222 to arrange a free consultation where you can discuss a compensation claim for a personal injury sustained as a result of negligence by another party. For example if you were involved in a road traffic accident which was not your fault you can call this helpline to file a claim for damages against the other party. Several factors will affect how much compensation you are liable to receive including the severity of the injury you suffered, how it has affected your personal life and whether it has affected your usual earnings.

You should also dial this helpline to find out their usual legal fees and expenses although they usually take personal injury claims under a conditional fees agreement whereby the other legal team pays your expenses, these are usually referred to as ‘no win no fee’ arrangements. Moreover you can phone this helpline to arrange an appointment to discuss your ongoing case, to update them of your personal circumstances which may affect how much compensation you are eligible for and to notify them that a loved one who was involved in an accident has passed away.


Meet with Goodge Law solicitors

If you have arranged an appointment with a lawyer representing Goodge Law you can use their UK postal address below to locate their London office. As this location is fairly central there are a number of underground tube stations near the solicitors firm including Goodge Street, Warren Street and Tottenham Court Road stations. You can also use this address to send formal letters to the law firm, however if you would prefer to send your written enquiries via email you can use their address

Goodge Law,
Shropshire House,
179 Tottenham Court Road,
W1T 7NZ,
United Kingdom.