Healys Contact Number: 0800 280 0432

You can phone the Healys freephone claims number 0800 280 0432 to arrange a free consultation for a no win no fee personal injury case at the London law firm.


Overview of the Personal Injury Firm

Healys is a personal injury specialist With a team of highly-regarding solicitors and accident claims experts working across South East England and London. Furthermore, Healys provides team of experts are perfectly placed to help you get your life back on track post-accident.


Claims and Free Assessments – 0800 280 0432

You should call Healys Legal on their freephone enquiries contact number 0800 280 0432 to begin your case for compensation following an injury or accident in the workplace. Although Healys provides a free initial consultation, you will only qualify for a successful claim if you are able to prove that the other party was responsible for your injury. Therefore, you are advised to call the above number if you have been able to take photographs of any damage or an accident to prove your case. Moreover, compensation is awarded for pain and suffering as a result of injuries meaning that you may wish to be prepared with proof of your medical treatment when you make your appointment. However, you will be able to claim for a loss of wages or pension contributions as a result of your injuries. Therefore, a Healys solicitor can assess your potential claim before estimating how much it is worth or how likely it is to succeed.


London Office – 020 7822 4000

Call the Healys London Office contact number 020 7822 4000 to discuss the sort of cases that the personal injury firm takes on before making a claim. For instance, Healys can help you win compensation for a range of cases that include accidents at work or injuries in public places. Your personal injury claim can also extend to cases regarding medical or cosmetic negligence or road accidents following a referral from your insurance provider. Alternatively, you may wish to contact the London office to change the date of an upcoming appointment or legal assessment. You may even wish to call Healys to ask for the contact email of the solicitor who is handling your case.


Call Costs and Contact Hours

The Healys claims enquiries helpline operates a freephone 0800 contact number that be completely free to call from UK landlines and mobiles but their London office will charge the standard per-minute rate for a local phone call to get in touch.


Healys Phone Numbers

Healys Department UK Phone Number
London Office 020 7822 4000
Brighton Office 01273 685 888
Claims 0800 280 0432


Write to the London Firm

You can also make your enquiries by writing to the Healys email address london@healys.com or by sending your correspondence to the London Head Office at: Healys LLP, Atrium Court, 15-17 Jockey’s Fields, London, WC1R 4QR, United Kingdom.